Geely Auto 2020 Financial Results Released


  • Geely Auto continues to be the top selling Chinese auto brand for fourth consecutive year with sales over 1.32 million units.
  • Lynk & Co sold over 175,000 vehicles, a YoY increase of about 37%
  • Geely Auto exported more than 73,000 units, a YoY increase of about 25%
  • Geely Automobile Holding Ltd. (HK.0175) 2020 revenue reaches 92.1B RMB
  • Net profit reached 5.57B RMB with profit attributable to stockholders at 5.53B RMB

2021 March 23rdHong Kong and HangzhouGeely Auto Group’s Hong Kong listed entity, Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (HK.0175) (Geely Auto) released its 2020 Financial Results showing a revenue of 92.1 billion RMB, net profit of 5.57 billion RMB, and profit attributable to stockholders of 5.53 billion RMB. In 2020, Geely Auto diversified its profit structure, built a robust cash and capital structure, whilst continuing its commitment to R&D investment with the aim of accelerating its transition into a smart electric mobility technology enterprise.
Over the course of 2020 Geely Auto has successfully navigated the Covid-19 epidemic while accelerating its technological transformation. Geely Auto has continued to maintain strong market competitiveness, delivering a total of 1,320,217 units and maintaining its position as best selling Chinese auto brand for the fourth consecutive year.
Overseas sales of Geely Auto branded vehicles reached nearly 73,000 units, a year-on-year increase of about 25%. The overseas expansion of the brand and its products increased its reach to cover nearly 30 markets with continuously improving brand image and influence.
For 2021, Geely Auto Group has set a global sales target of 1.53 million units including Lynk & Co and Geely Auto brand products, a year-on-year increase of 16%.
Geely Auto has begun to transition to new BMA and CMA modular architectures, increasing cross product synergies and offering greater value for the users. In 2021, Geely Auto will introduce of a variety of new high-value models.
Geely Auto plans to control its carbon emissions, achieve carbon neutrality, and contribute to fighting global climate change through the greater introduction of affordable and premium electrified vehicles to increase mass uptake.
Detailed in a separate release, Geely Auto Group has announced its establishment of a new intelligent electric vehicle company, Zeeker. With the launch of Zeeker, Mr. An Conghui will leave his role as Geely Auto Group President and CEO to become Chairman of Geely Auto Group. Mr. Gan Jiayue will take over for Mr. An Conghui as CEO of Geely Auto Group.

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