Warranty Policy

Modern technologies, as well as high quality production and components, guarantee the trouble-free operation of GEELY vehicles. Any malfunction or deterioration in consumer properties caused by manufacturing defects will be corrected under the terms of a guarantee within 5 years after purchase or within 150,000 km of run.

Follow the recommendations set out in the car operation manual and service book and you will be able to use GEELY as comfortably as possible. Geely authorized dealers are certified for professional maintenance, including diagnostic equipment, special tools, original spare parts, and specially trained technical personnel. Geely kindly provides all the necessary support during the ownership period, putting the convenience and satisfaction of the owner as the first priority.

The Key Benefits of GEELY Warranty

Modern and High Technology

GEELY MOTORS is a global car manufacturer who offers their customers modern and high-technology products.

Comfortable and Easier

GEELY warranty conditions make the ownership process of the sophisticated product.

High in Resale

GEELY warranty is provided for a car irrespective whether you are the first or the next user of the car. Owing to 5-year.

Authorized Dealer

In a warranty case, the repair of the vehicle will be performed at the expense of GEELY MOTORS including towing.

General Provisions

This warranty applies to GEELY vehicles sold by an official GEELY dealer .

Basic Warranty

Warranty period for all the parts of GEELY car, unless expressly specified, is 5 years from the sale date or 150,000 km of mileage, whichever comes first. Specifically stated parts.

Recognition of the Warranty Case

The decision to recognize a specific case as a warranty is made exclusively by an authorized GEELY dealer, under its own responsibility and without the consent of the Distributor.

Pre-sale preparation

Every GEELY vehicle produced undergoes a strict final inspection. However, before handing over the car to the Owner, the authorized dealer carries out pre-sale service.

Service Book

Details on warranty terms and conditions are described in the Service Book handed over to the customer at the time of the car purchase. In relations between the customer and the dealer.

Warranty Scope

GEELY guarantees that a new car is free from any material or assembly defects. GEELY authorized dealer will perform diagnostics, settings, repair using original GEELY spare parts.

Full vehicle warranty

All Geely cars comes with Manufacturer warranty for 5 years or 150,000 KM (whatever comes first)