Research & Development

Geely Auto Pillars of Development

Create an exceptional mobility experience means making high-quality and high-value autos with the latest technology. To do so, Geely has set up a globalized R&D network with over 10,000 professionals focused on science and technology.
Geely’s dedication to R&D has been able to achieve over 14,000 patents and recognition as one the China’s top ten brands for intellectual property and independent innovation.
Geely innovation centers are not limited to research and development but each individual has a keen interest in improving the quality of the products and the production process.


Geely provides everyone an opportunity to drive a refined car. This can only be achieved by moving towards a universal modular scalable platform that allows developing architectures and new technologies faster and cost-effectively.


Safety tech is one of the four main pillars for our vehicle development. This is the reason Geely can make the safest vehicles for you and the pedestrians around your vehicle. Since Geely considers your protection as the first and foremost concern, eventually safety becomes an important goal.

Universal Platform

To create a refined car for everyone, Geely has created a universal platform. In order to develop new technologies more rapidly and economically, universal modular and flexible platforms and architectures should be adopted, so that everyone can drive a refined car.

Safety First

The most precious gift of all is human life, and the Geely team is dedicated to protecting it first and foremost. In regard to the safety of our drivers and passengers, as well as pedestrians, Geely has set a goal to make the safest car possible. Towards that goal, safety technology has been positioned as one of our four main development pillars.

Energy Diversification

As the world endeavors to reduce emissions, conserve energy, and improve sustainability, new energy is needed in cars. Geely is heavily invested in the development of new energy vehicles and sees them as the future of the industry.

Automotive Intelligence

Through technological advances, people have become more connected, and so have automobiles. Geely has placed great importance in the area of automobiles since the industry is moving in the direction of smarter connected cars.